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Moving is never fun, but it can be exciting, even though at times overwhelming. The aim of CIS is to make the change as smooth as possible for you by providing you with the best personal rental service in San Diego.

The Rental Process
  • You can search for your new rental by providing your specific needs with a call to CIS or perform the search online.
  • Once you have selected a property, you will then complete an application which can be filled out online or complete one at our office. An application fee will be required to process your application form, credit report, and background check.
  • CIS will then review the application and inform you of the outcome.
  • Move-in monies are paid up front to CIS.
  • Leases are generally signed within a day or two of deposit.
  • Once the lease has been signed, the move-in process can begin.
  • To ease your move, you will receive a Welcome package. It will guide you on how to start your utilities, phone, cable, as well as local services, CIS contact numbers and much more.
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